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Drugs and Alcohol Counseling:

There are many reasons why people use drugs and alcohol. People start using drugs or alcohol for good reasons: to fit in, to socialize, to have fun, to ease anxiety or to self-medicate for depression, anxiety or the lingering effects of trauma. Sometimes drug or alcohol use can begin to feel out of control. Even if it doesn't feel out of control, it may be something you'd like to change, reduce, quit or learn to use in a less harmful and more healthful way. I help people change their relationships to drugs and alcohol in non-shaming ways.

Drugs are used by many different people, for many different reasons and with many different outcomes. Not all drug use is abuse. We'll work together to decide goals, specific strategies and desired outcomes.

My approach to substance use, abuse and addiction is collaborative and client-driven. I use a harm reduction approach where abstinence may or may not be the ultimate goal. I work with you in whatever stage you are in the change process.

Anytime we are looking to change a behavior -- increase exercise, diet more successfully, find more down time, reduce or discontinue drug or alcohol use, etc.-- we go through stages. I will work with you to more effectively navigate these natural stages of change so that you can successfully change your behaviors in ways that feel good and right to you.

Other Specialities:
Counseling Career & Life Transitions | Gay & Lesbian Counseling | Couples Counseling | Trauma & EMDR | Adolescent/Teen Counseling

John Wiskind, LCSW, MPH | CA License: LCS22185
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John Wiskind provides counseling in Hayes Valley, San Francisco and Berkeley, California. His specialties include Couples/Relationship Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Use and Addiction, Trauma and EMDR, Gay and Lesbian Issues and work with Adolescents and Families. His offices are accessible to highways 580, 880, 24, 80, 101, Ashby BART, Civic Center BART, MUNI, AC Transit, and close to Oakland, El Cerrito, Albany, Downtown San Francisco, Civic Center, Mission, Castro, Haight and Noe Valley.